"Your presentation was a very compelling, straight forward account from a survivor of violent crimes. It is a voice that needs to be heard more often by those involved in the criminal justice system. I am sure that it is not easy to speak of, and thereby relive, your experiences. I thank you for your willingness to share them with our judges." ​​


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Survivors share their own personal stories of sexual assault and domestic violence in a high powered and dynamics discussion. SSRI programming includes explicit details of child molestation, adult rape and domestic violence. Survivors take you on their emotionally haunting journey as they transition from being a victim, to being a survivor of sex crimes and domestic violence crimes. 
All programming will leave you with a better understanding of the effects of sexual assault from the victims perspective. Survivors have a powerful impact on an audience by making the often hidden crime of sexual violence very real.  It has been found that audiences are more responsive to real voices and real people.​