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Amy M. Battersby

Team Member

SSRI welcomes Amy Battersby to their team. Amy will team up with SSRI to provide training on neurobiology of trauma. Amy is a Certified Traumatic Stress Therapist, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and soon-to-be registered yoga teacher, who specializes in the neurobiology of psychological trauma. Amy has been a trauma specialist for 15 years, working with communities across the United States. Amy is the co-owner of Kindred Connections, a group practice that provides “bottom-up” approaches for healing, and is the co-creator of an evidence-driven treatment model incorporating education, meditation, process and yoga that has received attention nationwide. 

Amy has provided multiple workshops and presentations for organizations including the National Guard, universities and colleges, hospitals and a host of national conferences, on topics such as: the neurobiology of traumatic stress, “bottom-up” treatment approaches, Trauma-Process Yoga Groups, childhood sexual exploitation, and creating and implementing trauma-informed programs and organizations. Amy provides consult, commentary and supervision for clinicians, community organizations, and media outlets.

Amy is a survivor and a proud member of SSRI.