Wendy is a graduate of Tufts University and Suffolk University School of Law. She spent more than two decades working for social justice as a public defender, attorney for indigent survivors of domestic violence, and in various roles in the sexual domestic violence field.

Wendy is a survivor of sexual and domestic violence as both a child and an adult. Most importantly, Wendy is a the other of two intelligent and compassionate young men, who commit part of their busy student lives to social justice, equality, and ending violence against women.

Wendy is a survivor, and a proud member of SSRI.

Jane E. Johnson

Co-Founder & Co-Owner

Pasco was sexually abused by a Roman Catholic Priest at the age of 11. The abuse went on for over a year, and as many child victims do, Pasco blocked it from his memory. The memories of his traumatic abuse did not resurface until he was 32. After remembering such painful memories, Pasco joined the class action suit filed against the Diocese of Providence, RI. Through this process, Pasco was able to face his past, and start his journey towards recovery.

Pasco is publishing a book entitled, "The Article", a memoir about his experience with sexual abuse. Through his writings and presentations, Pasco examines his experience as a victim and his relation to other victims within the class action lawsuit. 

Pasco has spoken at the RI State House as part of National Sexual Assault Month. He has participated in educational groups at the RI Department of Corrections, working directly with sex offenders in the Sex Offender Treatment Program. In 2015, Pasco also participated in training at the Natick, MA army base for SHARP.

​Pasco is a survivor, and a proud member of SSRI.​

Wendy Allmendinger

Team Member

Abused emotionally, physically and sexually, for the first thirty six years of her life; today Mary is no longer a victim. Although Mary will never recover the lost parts of herself that were stolen from her as a child, she is a survivor in every sense of the word. Mary now brings her story to others to encourage them to take back their lives as well.

Today Mary is the author of Only Children Hear Me, a children's book, in addition to accompanying teaching manual. Mary also wrote an extensive report entitled The Many Faces of Child Abuse based on her longterm research. She works to encourage children and adults to speak out, seek therapy, and take back their lives to live for themselves; no longer under the cloud of their abuser.

In addition to several trainings for a wide range of participants, Mary was the sole  presenter at the RI State House for the full House of Representatives, on Early Intervention for Childhood Victims of Sexual Molestation. Mary was also the opening speaker for Linda Fairstein, former Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit of the District Attorney's Office in Manhattan. 

Mary is a survivor, and a proud member of SSRI.

Lynne Hannon

Team Member 

Lynne is a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Assault. Since joining the military herself in 1993, she served as both a military Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) and Victim Advocate for over six years, educating and training military personnel. Throughout her life, she has remained well-versed in matters relating to Military Sexual Assault, its effects as well as overcoming Trauma.

Lynne is the narrator of a Military Cultural Diversity video, viewed all over the world and founder of a Women’s Mentoring Council, and served on the State of Connecticut’s first Victims Advisory Board. She has also spoken on numerous occasions, sharing her story with various military organizations, churches, and colleges.

Lynne holds a BA degree in anthropology from Central Connecticut State University. A staunch supporter of diversity and inclusion she was a 2013 recipient of the YWCA Women of Achievement Award for her accomplishments in promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity. 

Lynne is a survivor, and a proud member of SSRI.

Mary L. Byrne

Co-Founder & Co-Owner

Pasco Troia


Peter Loss, ACSW has provided sex offender treatment in Connecticut and in Rhode Island for nearly 40 years. He directed the Sex Offender Treatment Program (STOP) at the Adult Correction Institution (ACI) in Cranston, RI for 28 years.

In addition, Pete chaired the Sex Offender Board of Review for 10 years. He has provided training nationwide and is currently in private practice.

Pete is a proud member of SSRI.

Jessica is a survivor of child molestation by 3 family members. As a teenage, she was removed from her home by DCYF after she disclosed her abuse. Jessica was in placement until she aged out of the system. After several years of therapy, she is now able to advocate for other victims who have not yet found their voice.

Jessica spoke about her abuse at the RI State house during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). She also spoke at the RI Family Court Conference: Safe Passages Trauma to Healing in October 2016. 

Jessica is a survivor, and a proud member of SSRI.

Amy M. Battersby

Team Member

As an adult rape survivor, Jane educates her listeners as she guides them through what she perceives to be an insensitive legal system, highlighting the inequities rape survivors face. Jane provides a wide range of trainings for medical staff, members of the judicial system, law enforcement, college and university students, and military personnel. Additionally, Jane and Mary developed and facilitated a curriculum entitled "Intensive Victim Impact" for incarcerated sex offenders.

In 2015-2016, Jane was appointed by the RI Speaker of the House of Representatives to serve on a Commission Studying Sexual Assault on College Campuses, where she also testified in sharing her personal story. In 2016, Jane spoke at the RI State House during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) with several government leaders including Governor Lincoln Chafee, U.S. Attorney Peter F. Nerohna, and RI Attorney General Peter Kilmartin. Due to Jane's work, she represented RI as NSVRC Visionary Voice Award from Washington, D.C. recipient.

In October 2017, Jane conducted a presentation to the RI Judiciary at their 17th Annual Fall Conference. She shared her experience dealing with the court system in RI.

​Jane is a survivor, and a proud member of SSRI.

Peter Loss

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Jessica Cinquergrana

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Amy is a Certified Traumatic Stress Therapist, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and soon-to-be registered yoga teacher, who specializes in the neurobiology of psychological trauma. Amy has been a trauma specialist for 15 years, working with communities across the United States. Amy is the co-owner of Kindred Connections, a group practice that provides “bottom-up” approaches for healing, and is the co-creator of an evidence-driven treatment model incorporating education, meditation, process and yoga that has received attention nationwide.

Amy has provided multiple workshops and presentations for organizations including the National Guard, universities and colleges, hospitals and a host of national conferences, on topics such as: the neurobiology of traumatic stress, “bottom-up” treatment approaches, Trauma-Process Yoga Groups, childhood sexual exploitation, and creating and implementing trauma-informed programs and organizations. Amy provides consult, commentary and supervision for clinicians, community organizations, and media outlets.

Amy is a survivor and a proud member of SSRI.