Survivors SPEAK RI
Pasco Troia
Pasco was sexually abused by a Roman Catholic Priest in Cranston, RI at the age of 11. Pasco will share the painful and horrific details of his lost childhood as his trusted neighborhood priest savagely molested him.  The priest used Pasco for his own personal sexual gratification in the rectory, in the school, in his car, and even in the basement of the church.  This priest was admired and trusted by his family and his community. The abuse went on for over a year and as many child victims do, he blocked it out of his memory.
At the age of 32, Pasco read an article in the Providence Journal Bulletin that changed his life forever.  The article detailed a class action suit that had been filed against the Diocese of Providence regarding one of its priests.  Suddenly the painful  memories flooded back and he realized that he too was also a victim of this sexual perpetrator.
It was then that Pasco joined the class action suit filed against the Diocese of Providence, RI.  It forced him to pursue a very deep, dark and fragile path back into his own lost childhood.  Now suddenly, things began to fall into place for him and he was able to start the long road back conquering his demons through extensive counseling. 
Pasco will share how he survived the trauma of child molestation and how his faith in God took him to a place now where he loves God more than ever.
Pasco has written a book titled, "Behind the Altar - A Spiritual Awakening", which is in the publishing stage.  The book is a first hand account of the childhood sexual abuse he endured at age 11. He examines the hidden and often secretive details of his experience as a victim and then again his experience as he joined several other victims in this class action law suit. 
 Pasco is a member of an advocacy group at DAY ONE, in Providence, RI and has spoken at the Rhode Island State House as part of a program held for National Sexual Assault Month.
Pasco has participated in educational groups at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections, Cranston, RI.  He has worked directly with sex offenders in the Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP), sharing his story and his expertise as a child survivor.
Pasco has also participated in a training at the Army base in Natick, Massachusetts for SHARP during National Sexual Assault month in April 2015.
Pasco Troia owns Citi Programs, Inc., a multi task management company which works directly with Police, Fire and Veterans groups to assist in raising funds by negotiating contracts along with designing printed materials for each professional fundraising company.  He has worked in this field since 1984.

Meet the team

Jane E. Johnson
Jane E. Johnson is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island and the Community College of Rhode Island.  She holds degrees in Education and Human Services.  During her professional career she worked as a Casework Supervisor II for the State of Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families for over 25 years.

Jane is a survivor of a brutal sexual assault in which she sustained a multitude of physical injuries and long term psychological scaring.  Jane has a painful story to tell which educates her listeners, as she guides them through what she perceives to be an insensitive legal system that highlights some of the inequities rape victims often face.  She continues to stand up for all rape victims who have yet to find their voices during her unforgettable and eye opening presentation.

Jane will gather the horrifying memories of this event as she takes you with her on her challenging journey from trauma to healing.  Her story is distressing to say the least, but she will show you the true spirit of a hero.

Jane has provided training to medical staff at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island as part of their certification for SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner).  In addition, she has provided training at several conferences and workshops for the RI Department of Attorney General, RI Department of Corrections, RI Statewide Judiciary Conferences, J. Alpert Medical School-Brown University, Day One and Sojourner House Advocacy and Resources Center in Providence, RI.  

Jane has also provided training at several military bases across the country addressing sexual assault in the the military by working closely with SAPR, SART, and SHARP while providing NOVA certification.  She has received several awards from the military for her presentations.

Jane has lectured to faculty and staff at colleges and universities in Rhode Island.  In addition, she also developed a curriculum and taught a class titled “Intensive Victim Impact” to incarcerated sex offenders at the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institution in Cranston, Rhode Island for several years.  

In 2015 Jane was appointed by the Rhode Island Speaker of the House of Representatives to serve on a Commission Studying Sexual Assault on College Campuses.  She served on this commission in 2015 and 2016.  In addition to being a member of this commission, she testified in front of the full commission sharing her personal story of sexual assault.  She has also spoke at the RI State House during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) with several government leaders including Governor Lincoln Chafee, U.S. Attorney, Peter F. Neronha, and the Rhode Island Attorney General, Peter Kilmartin.  Jane has been interviewed on television, radio and in the newspaper.

In April 2016 Jane received the NSVRC Visionary Voice Award from Washington, DC representing Rhode Island.

About Us

Mary L. Byrne
Abused…emotionally, physically and sexually, for the first thirty six years of her life; today she is no longer a victim! Today, Mary is a survivor in every sense of the word, now she’s bringing her story to others to encourage them to take back their lives, too.

If there ever was a perfect victim for the sexual predator to prey upon, it was Mary, and prey upon her they did from ages four to fourteen. They were men that were supposed to love and protect her, her own grandfather and an elderly neighbor. Sweet little Mary was used and abused for their own gratification.

They destroyed her childhood, took away her innocence along with her trust in people, and stole all sense of self-respect she ever hoped to develop. The threats of what would be done to her, and those around her, if she failed to cooperate, reached all the way to her soul, and destroyed a large part of the person she could, and should, have become. She was left with the pain of the long journey back to some resemblance of normalcy, but she will never recover the lost parts of herself that were stolen from her as a child.

She was left unprotected, alone, and lonely much too young…to have been safe, the situation predators look for, without a thought of what they are doing to their young victim. They find ways to believe the victim was in agreement, which could not be further from the truth; victims live in fear, with shame and guilt for years until they are able to talk about it.

Mary’s extensive career in Property Management, from site management to Director of Property Management was followed by serving as Ambassador for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to the Roger Williams Medical Center in Providence, RI, working with cancer patients.

Today Mary is a children’s book author, writing Only Children Hear Me, its teaching manual and The Many Faces of Child Abuse. She works to encourage children and adults to speak out, get into therapy, and take back their lives to live for themselves; no longer under the cloud of their abuser.

Mary will discuss her personal experience with childhood molestation at the hands of her grandfather and a neighbor. She will speak about the toll it took on her life, the price she paid for her immature decisions in an attempt to escape the abusive environment, and finally address taking back her life through therapy.

Mary is a founding member and co-chairman of Day One’s survivor advocacy group known as One Voice, based in Providence, RI. She has spoken at many colleges and universities in Rhode Island, has participated on panels at conferences sponsored by Day One, and spoken to the full House of Representatives. She was an opening speaker for Linda Fairstein, well known author and former chief of the sex crimes unit of the Attorney General’s office in Manhattan, at a conference sponsored by Day One. She has been interviewed in the newspaper, on television and radio.

Mary developed a curriculum for incarcerated sex offenders and taught an 8 week “Intensive Victim Impact Class” at the Adult Correctional Institution (ACI) in Cranston, Rhode Island. This class uniquely combined a child molestation survivor and a rape survivor face to face with sex offenders in a treatment program, inside the prison block, an unusual approach rarely seen in sex offender management. The program was dramatically successful and received high marks from both the prison officials and the sex offenders in the Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP).