RI Family Court Conference: Safe Passages From Trauma to Healing

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The entire SSRI team attending RI's Family Court conference to provide a two and a half hour training to over 300 Family Court Judges, DCYF Social Workers, Probation/Parole Officers, Attorneys, Law Enforcements, and RI School Department Administrators. 

The purpose of the training was to share their stories with a focus on the trauma sexual assault and domestic violence and the paths taken to healing. SSRI members made sure to emphasis the ways in which the court system can assist trauma victims in the healing process.

Pete Loss, ACSW, also discussed the impact SSRI had on offenders through their intensive victim impact training held at the ACI.

A conference attendee stated that SSRI's held an, "Extremely impactful and moving presentation! The survivors' stories will stay with me! I wish that I could have thanked the presenters individually. Extremely relevant to the way I/we should improve the care of our children/families."

Lia N. Stuhlstaz, Associate Justice of RI Family Court stated, "I cannot remember when I have been so affected by any such speech or story. As you surely noticed, you could have heard a pin drop in the room as each [SSRI member] related [their] experiences and [their] journey to move forward. Most humbling was the common theme of reaching a phase of hope and helping others, as exemplified by [SSRI's] work at the prison."