SURVIVORS SPEAK RI is an educational and advocacy organization consisting of survivors of child molestation, adult sexual assault and domestic violence. We are the experts who are ready to talk to your organization about sexual assault and domestic violence. A text book will never offer what we can, because we have lived it. Our survival and understanding, from our perspective will demonstrate to your organization the true faces of courageous survivors. 

SURVIVORS SPEAK RI'S philosophy is to directly engage our audience as we communicate with them on a more personal level. Our speakers are dynamic, powerful and strong. We will take you with us on our journey from victim to survivor. You will gain a deeper knowledge of the long term effects of sexual assault and domestic violence. You will see what strength and determination can emerge from unthinkable trauma. 


PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAMS (NFL, MBL, NBA, NHL) and ALL COLLEGE LEVEL SPORTS TEAMS: Domestic violence and sexual assault ARE happening within these organizations... BELIEVE IT. The media is reporting disturbing assaults involving both professional athletes and college athletes on a regular basis. These incidences involving athletes are increasing at alarming rates. We can help you change that. We will custom design a program for your organization that will address both domestics violence and sexual assault. We will educate your players and staff as to the devastating effects that both male and female victims of violent crime endure. Our staff of surviors will share their own experiences and make a lasting impression on your players. It's time to talk about it..with them. 

SURVIVORS SPEAK RI will custom design programs for Military Installations, Correctional Facilities, Colleges/Universities, Schools, Hospitals/Physicians, Law Enforcement Agencies along with professionals in the Legal/Judicial field.

SURVIVORS SPEAK RI recognizes that sexual assault has been revealed in the military, on campus, in schools, in emergency rooms, to law enforcement, in prison, and countless other places.  This all too common trauma has rarely been talked about....until now.

SURVIVORS SPEAK RI'S mission is to educate. We believe that talking about sexual assault, and recognizing that it can happen to men and women alike, is the key to addressing the issue and will bring about change.  Our programs bring real life survivors directly to your organization. You will be afforded an opportunity to listen to both male and female survivors as they share the horrifying details of their assaults and the journey of their healing process.

MILITARY INSTALLATION PROGRAMS: Sexual assault has been happening in the military for decades and was rarely talked about..........until now.

Our mission is to educate military personnel about the effects of sexual assault trauma. We proudly align with all branches of the military worldwide as we work together to 
reduce the incidence of sexual assault in the military.  

We believe that by talking about sexual assault  and recognizing that it can happen to both MEN and WOMEN alike is the key to addressing the issue and bring about change.
We boldly discuss the once forbidden topic of sexual assault and bring it right out in the open.

Our program brings real life male and female survivors of child molestation and adult sexual assault directly to your military installation. You will be afforded an opportunity to listen as they share the horrifying details of their assaults and the journey of their healing

This program is guaranteed to leave military personnel with a greater understanding of the importance of reporting sexual assault crimes and more importantly, supporting the victim.

We are experienced in working closely with SAPR, SART,SHARP programs.  In addition, we also work with SARCs in providing refresher training necessary for National Organization for Victims Assistance (NOVA) certification.

Lets talk about sexual assault in the military, like it needs to be talked about!

Our program will come into your prison to teach incarcerated sex offenders an intensive class on VICTIM IMPACT.  This class is personally and emotionally intense and recommended for sex offenders participating in an ongoing sex offender treatment program.

This class will uniquely bring together child molestation survivors (male and female), and an adult rape survivor along with former Clinicial Director, Peter Loss (A.C.S.W.) who pioneered and ran the Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP) at the Adult Correctional Institution (ACI) in Cranston, RI. for 28 years.

We will teach sex offenders inside the prison block as we share with them our emotionally charged individual stories of rape and child molestation.  The offenders will have no choice but to see the crippling effect that their crimes have had on their victims as we hold them accountable for their actions.

Our program of bringing survivors and sex offenders face to face is a new concept that has proven to be highly successful in the management of sex offenders.

We will custom design a program for your incarcerated sex offenders along with providing required documentation for security clearances as needed by your facility.

Our program provides survivors of child molestation (male and female), along with an adult rape survivor to present an unforgettable program to your students.  We will share details of our own assaults and the life long trauma we as victims have endured.  

This presentation will leave students with a greater understanding that sexual assault can happen to both males and females. This programs has proven to be highly successful for students entering the fields of Social Work, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Nursing. Numerous students have reported that after hearing our presentation, it has given them a greater understanding of the effects of sexual assault. It also has enabled some students to acknowledge their own victimization for the first time.  

This program is very powerful, very truthful and shed a light on the importance of their career path in the helping professions.

Our program will provide parents and teachers with a better understanding of the shame, guilt, and fear experienced by a child who has been molested, based an actual child molestation survivors experience. Learn the signs to look for to know whether or not your child has possibly been a victim.

Perpetrators elude prosecution by threatening the child; fear keeps the child from talking. The damage and pain reaches all the way to their soul. Molestation changes a child forever and introduces them to experiences they should never have knowledge of. Molestation erases their childhood, destroys their trust, takes away their innocence, and leaves them feeling unworthy.

Listen to child molestation survivors (male and female) as they describe their own sexual trauma and learn how they found the strength to divulge their painful experience and discover the path to healing.  You will come away with a much better understanding of the life long effects of sexual molestation.

Our program will provide parents, teachers and students with a better understanding of the shame, guilt, and fear experienced by a child who has been molested, based on a childhood molestation survivors own experience.

Perpetrators maintain control by threatening their victim; fear keeps a child from talking about the abuse they are experiencing. Children are always afraid they will make good on their threats. Perpetrators are actually more frightened than the child. Children often have the power to stop the abuse by talking to a trusted adult, they just don't realize it.

Listen to childhood molestation survivors (male and female)  describe their own sexual trauma and learn what that trauma has done to their lives.  It effects every aspect of your life and often prevents you from achieving what you really want to do with your life.  Therapy can make the difference and give you the strength to go forward and heal.

Our program will provide an honest and intimate look at what sexual assault victims actually experience as we share our personal stories of rape and child molestation.

When a sexual assault victim presents at a hospital for treatment, medical staff have no idea what trauma the victim may have just experienced.  We are going to tell you.  We have first hand experience as a victim coming to an emergency room for treatment after a brutal sexual assault.

We will share valuable information with medical professionals of how to better treat sexual assault victims. We will share with you what your can't learn from a text book.

This program is specifically designed for nurses and physicians or other professionals working with sexual assault victims or victims of other violent crimes. For victims, their healing process begins the minute they walk into your hospital.   
Listen to what we have to share with your staff.  Make your hospital emergency better equipped to treat those who have been victimized.

Our program will provide law enforcement officials with an inside look at the trauma sexual assault victims experience. We will share the personal details of crimes committed
against a child molestation survivor and an adult rape survivor. Our stories give an intimate view of the trauma victims endure as a result of sexual assault.

The police officer is often the first contact a rape victim has after the crime. This program is designed to give you insight into ways of responding in a more empathetic manner to victims. Survivors will educate you about the vital role you play during this initial process.

Let us share with you what helped and what didn't help. You will gain a deeper understanding when you hear it directly from a survivor. You can't learn this stuff in a book!  We are the voices of all victims who have yet to find theirs.

This program is designed for new recruits as well as seasoned officers.

A brave survivor will share her personal story of the night she was raped in her own home. She will take you on her 7 year journey as her case travelled through the Courts as she was revictimized multiple times by the "system" that was designed to protect her.  After hearing her story, you will understand why it is many women do not report rape. Our presentation will provide you with an inside look at the unnecessary trauma victims often face when they report rape.  

This eye opening presentation is designed for professionals within the legal system to begin the discussion on "What can we do to encourage victims to come forward and report rape without the fear of being revictimized by the system?". "How can we improve or make changes within the Courts to ensure victims are treated with dignity and respect?".  

It's time to make the Court system VICTIM FRIENDLY ! 

This program is designed for Judges, Attorneys, Victim Advocates along with State and local Legislatures.

Services Offered

Survivors SPEAK RI