MILITARY INSTALLATIONS: We work closely with SAPR, SART, and SHARP programs. In addition, we work with SARCs providing refresher training for NOVA certification.

JUDICIAL SYSTEM; Judges, Attorneys, Social Workers, Probation, and Parole Officers. Conference presentations and in-service programs designed specific to trauma and healing of sexual and domestic violence survivors.

PRISON PROGRAMS: We take our program directly into your correctional facility, teaching sex offenders intensive victim impact classes.

COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES: We address faculty, staff, and students from various disciplines including: social work, nursing, psychology, sociology, education, and criminal justice majors.

K-12 PROGRAMS: We will design a program for faculty and staff professional development days that focus on recognizing signs of sexual abuse, prevention, and reporting. We can also address parents at PTO events, and provide age specific students in the classroom.

HOSPITALS and MEDICAL FACILITIES: We will address physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals so that they can improve the quality of care without causing additional trauma to patients.

SPORTS TEAMS and COACHES: ​We work with professional college and high school teams, designing programs to address sexual and domestic violence-specifically athletes.


SURVIVORS SPEAK RI is an educational and advocacy organization consisting of survivors of child molestation, adult sexual assault and domestic violence. We are the experts who are ready to talk to your organization about sexual assault and domestic violence. A text book will never offer what we can, because we have lived it. Our survival and understanding, from our perspective will demonstrate to your organization the true faces of courageous survivors. 

SURVIVORS SPEAK RI'S philosophy is to directly engage our audience as we communicate with them on a more personal level. Our speakers are dynamic, powerful and strong. We will take you with us on our journey from victim to survivor. You will gain a deeper knowledge of the long term effects of sexual assault and domestic violence. You will see what strength and determination can emerge from unthinkable trauma.