CMSgt (Ret) Lori Ashness Former RI JFHQ/SARC
“Impactful, educational; no better way to learn than from those with first-hand knowledge. Not only a “no-holds-barred” story surrounding the trauma of sexual assault, but the successful journey to wellness by sharing with others.  A journey of triumph and victory that everyone needs to hear”.
Wendy Allmendinger, Vice President of Operations New Hope Attleboro, MA
“Jane E. Johnson and Mary L. Byrne are excellent speakers who share their very personal, very moving stories of sexual abuse and assault.  They are able to reach audiences on a deeply emotional level, conveying the many layers involved in such trauma in a way that engages the listeners without overwhelming them.  They have shared their stories with people from all different backgrounds, from volunteers to politicians to other survivors. To a person, everyone leaves the presentation with a deeper understanding of the issue and greater compassion for those effected by it.”
Elda M. Dawber, LICSW; Social Worker, Educator, and author of “Wait Until I’m Dead!”
“This program is a valuable teaching tool. I educate social service personnel new to child protective services and have brought in a member of this team to do a presentation each of the last three years. Without exception, participants positively review the experience of being able to hear and learn from an adult survivor of childhood trauma. Unlike what happens with an active caseload, they are able to ask questions of a person NOT currently in crisis who also has had the opportunity to be involved in effective treatment, and who is highly competent at speaking of these experiences from both emotional and factual perspectives. Highly recommended.”
Peter Loss, ACSW
"Mary Byrne and Jane Johnson have been working with the offenders in the RIDOC Sex Offender Treatment Program since 2012. They have had a dramatic impact on the recovery of sex offenders by conducting an intense and ongoing experience in victim impact classes and treatment groups. Offenders have responded with emotional engagement, conflict, respect, fear, and trauma, regarding accountability for the damage done to their victims, as well as addressing trauma they have endured themselves. Although some will try, they will not easily forget this experience. Mary and Jane impressively balance tumultuous emotion and critical awareness, in a prison environment historically untouched by survivors of abuse. This has been a decisive victory in merging palpable victim impact with offender treatment."
Survivors SPEAK RI
Ashbel T. Wall II, Director of Corrections State of Rhode Island
“We have learned that sex offenders typically objectify their victims as a way of diminishing their responsibility for their crimes and Victim impact classes make an impression on the offenders by confronting them with the harm they have done.  By teaching ‘Intensive Victim Impact’ to sex offenders at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections, Mary Byrne and Jane Johnson have given victims a voice and obliged inmates incarcerated for sex crimes to face the damage they have caused.”
Barbara Sylvia, MSW, PhD, Professor of Social Work - Salve Regina University

​“Wonderful speakers! Knowledgeable, compelling and engaging. A presentation that everyone should hear!”